COMPASS Training Package


SARC has been funded at a cost-recovery basis by Community Living Service Delivery (CLSD) to provide training to front-line staff, management and Boards in order to increase the capacity of community-based organizations (CBOs) and improve recruitment and retention in the sector. 

Thanks to this funding, SARC is able to offer the following five programs at no cost to all Regular and Associate SARC Members as well as Affiliate Members with CLSD funding:

  1. Med Assist
  2. PART
  3. TLR
  4. Leap

SARC has bundled all of our “no cost to you” training programs together into a package that you can refer to as COMPASS.  

The quickest and easiest way to know which training programs are part of COMPASS is to look for the COMPASS logo by the training program name (for example, Med Assist) on SARC’s Learning Central website.


The following CBOs are eligible to access this “no cost to you” training:

  • Regular Members
  • Associate Members
  • Affiliate Members with CLSD funding

Affiliate Members that do not have CLSD funding are not eligible for COMPASS; however, they are still welcome to purchase all SARC training programs at the discounted Member rate.

COMPASS Updates 

COMPASS Training Package
Program registration details and information:

1. Med Assist
Organizations can now register for Med Assist at no cost with COMPASS.  All employees that are located and working in Saskatchewan are eligible to take this online program.

PART TTT - March 21, 2019 at SARC (111 Cardinal Crescent). 

3. TLR
TLR Train-the-Trainer and Recertification sessions are currenlty being coordinated for 2019. Check back soon!

4. Leap
Registration for the 2018-2019 full Leap program is now closed.

Watch for information on Leap in the coming months!

Organizations can now register for ELEVATE at no cost with COMPASS.



Promo/Coupon Codes

All eligible organizations have been provided with a promo/coupon code which allows you to register for all COMPASS programs. If you don't know your code, please contact your Executive Director. 

This promo/coupon code must be used each time anyone wishes to register in a program under the COMPASS Training Package.

For information on how to use your code, click here.

For Leap specifically: Organizations are permitted to register one person under COMPASS per year. If you would like to send additional staff, they will be placed on a waitlist. On September 4, if there is space, you will be able to register one additional person, at your cost. Please know that Leap is eligible for the Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant.

If you have any questions about promo/coupon codes, please contact Mindy Bonderoff, Facilitator of Education and Training.

Are there any limits to how many eligible employees/Board Directors I can train through the COMPASS programs?

Each program has varying limits on the number of people that can take the program.  They are as follows:

  • Med Assist – unlimited employees.
  • PART and TLR – limited employees.  These programs follow the Train-the-Trainer model, so organizations will not need to send all of their staff, just those who will be designated as Trainers.  The number of spaces per session are limited due to Saskatchewan Association for Safe Workplaces in Health licensing requirements, so registration will be based on a first come, first served basis.
  • Leap – limited employees.  With this funding, we are able to extend to three locations, but space is limited.  Organizations are only able to register 1 employee through COMPASS, and registrations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.  Register quickly, as these spots will fill up!
  • ELEVATE – unlimited Board Directors. 

How do I access a COMPASS training program?

Your Executive Director/Manager, will be sent a promo/coupon code via email the week of June 11.  This code is specific to your organization and is only for your organization’s use.  It can be used for any of the programs associated with Compass.  On the registration page for the program, there will be a space to enter “promo code” or "coupon code"; upon entering the code, a 100% discount will be applied.

Do you have more questions?  Download our "COMPASS FAQ's For Managers" document for more details.

Transfer of Learning Resources

Are you making the most out of COMPASS?

Creating a culture of learning maximizes the knowledge gained from training opportunities and ensures that what is learned, is transferred to the workplace.

Download the new Transfer of Learning Resources to find out more!

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