SARC Regular and Associate Members, as well as Affiliate Members with CLSD funding, are eligible to access the COMPASS Training Package.

COMPASS eligible organizations are able to register employees in the 12  programs in the COMPASS Training Package at no cost.

SARC has been funded at a cost-recovery basis by Community Living Service Delivery (CLSD) to provide training to service delivery staff, management, and boards in order to increase the capacity of community-based organizations (CBOs) and improve recruitment and retention in the sector.

SARC has bundled all of these programs together into a package that you can refer to as COMPASS. COMPASS programs are available in-person, online, and virtually.

COMPASS is a package of training programs that are applicable for service delivery staff, management, and boards of directors at COMPASS eligible organizations.

COMPASS includes the following 12 programs:

Executive Directors and/or Training Managers

Your organization is responsible for registering/enrolling employees into COMPASS programs. You can do this yourself, or assign this responsibility to a manager or supervisor at your organization.

Register Yourself and Others

To register yourself or an employee at your organization for any of the programs under COMPASS, head to the program page, and purchase a ticket (in-person and virtual training) or an enrollment (online training) using our quick and secure registration process.

Use your COMPASS Promo/Coupon Code

Each COMPASS eligible organization has received a COMPASS promo/coupon code which they can use at checkout to get a 100 percent discount on the registration fee. Enter your COMPASS promo/coupon code at check out and receive the training at no cost.

What programs are under COMPASS?

The quickest and easiest way to know which training programs are part of COMPASS is to look for the COMPASS logo.

COMPASS includes the following 12 programs. Visit the program pages to register:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find my COMPASS promo code?

Each organization has been provided with a unique COMPASS promo code to use upon checkout.

If you are unsure of your code, or have misplaced your code, email SARC Learning Central.

Please note, executive directors can request a new promo code at any time. If you wish to change your code, or you feel your code is compromised, email us.

What is the COMPASS Training Portal

The COMPASS Training portal is SARC’s Online Learning Management System through LearnUpon. All of the online COMPASS programs are housed in this portal.

How do I register myself or someone else for a COMPASS program?

Easy! Visit the program page for any of the programs under COMPASS and follow the instructions on how to register.

How do I log into my account on the COMPASS Training Portal?

To log into your account on the COMPASS Training portal, visit

How do I see if my staff have completed their online training?

All executive directors (or designate) have manager permissions in the COMPASS Training portal. You can log into your account at Navigate to your users by clicking the ‘dashboard’ button, and then click on your users to view their progress through the course.

If you would like to assign another staff member at your organization to have manager permissions, please email us.

NOTE: Your staff will only appear to you if they have completed their user profile and selected your organization from the drop-down menu.

I registered an employee for a course but they are not included in my group. Why?

If you have registered an employee for an online program under COMPASS, they will be sent an email invitation from the portal. You will not be able to see them in your list until they accept the invitation and set up an account.

I entered an employee's email address incorrectly. How can I change it?

Please contact SARC Learning Central and we will assist you.

I forgot to enter my COMPASS promo code on checkout and paid for a course. What do I do?

Please contact us at SARC Learning Central.

An employee(s) at my organization did not receive a link to access their online course, what should I do?

Please send us an email with the full name and email address of the employee(s) that you registered.

If an employee has taken an online course and they need to re-take it, please email their name and email address to us.

I registered for a program under COMPASS, but I am being asked to pay. What should I do?

Please ensure that you have typed your COMPASS code correctly. If you do not know your organization’s COMPASS code, please speak to your supervisor or executive director. If after entering your code the price still does not change, please email us.

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