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SARC’s online leadership and professional development program Inspired: Leading Person-centred Support, is a user-friendly program specifically for boards of directors, executive directors, and senior leaders in the nonprofit sector that want to learn more about person-centred leadership.

This program is intended for nonprofit boards of directors, executive directors, and senior leaders.

Inspired is a one-year subscription-based program – sign up as many leaders from your organization as you want for one low price.

Inspired is available at no cost to COMPASS eligible organizations.

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Inspired – Leading Person-centred Support

Inspired is intended to provide you with the knowledge and tools to strengthen your understanding of person-centred practice, excel as a leader in supporting people to live person-centred lives, and work with other organizational leaders to embed person-centred practice throughout your organization.

Whether you are a board director, executive director, or senior leader, this is your opportunity to reflect on and assess where your organization currently is in its person-centred philosophy and approach and identify areas or ways in which person-centred practice can be built on and strengthened, as it continues to evolve and progress.

Thank you to the people supported, SARC Member Executive Directors and members of the Person-centred Culture Committee who contributed their ideas and insights in the development of this program.

By signing up for Inspired, you receive a one-year (1) subscription to the program, so you can go back and reference the modules at any time. 

If you want to register more than one person in Inspired:

If you want to register multiple people from your organization into Inspired, select that you will be taking the program individually. After entering your information (typically, the person who registers the organization for Inspired will also serve as the ‘Administrator’ of the account, which allows you to see each users progress through the course), a drop down will allow you to enter people’s names and email addresses, and they will be enrolled into the course, each receiving a link to access Inspired. 

The modules in Inspired include:

Module 1: Person-centred - Not Just Another Buzz Word!

This module provides an overview of person-centred practice and why this approach is integral to supporting people experiencing disability. It is a great place to start.

Module 2: Your Role in Person-centred Leadership

This module explores your role as a leader when it comes to embedding and strengthening person-centred practice in the organization.

Module 3: Embedding Person-centred Practice in Organizational Direction and Strategy

This module explores the process of embedding person-centred practice in the overall vision, mission, values, and strategic plan of the organization.

Module 4: Embedding Person-centred Practice in Operations and Management

This module focuses on embedding person-centred practice into the day-to-day operations and management of the organization.

Module 5: Strengthening Teams through Person-centred Practice

This module looks at using person-centred practices to strengthen teams within the organization.

Please Note:

  • Modules 1 and 2 are applicable for all leadership positions.
  • Module 3 is more applicable for board directors and executive directors.
  • Modules 4 and 5 are applicable for executive directors and senior leaders.

However, feel free to take any module you wish, in any order you wish, as you will likely find something of value in each one.

Is Inspired covered under COMPASS?

Yes! We are excited to add Inspired to the list of programs available in the COMPASS Training Package. Inspired will be available at no cost for eligible organizations.

Do we have to take all the modules in Inspired?
  • No, the number of modules that you finish, and the order you finish them in, is completely up to you. Take the modules you want, when you want.
  • Depending on your leadership role, some modules will be more relevant than others. However, all modules contain valuable information, opportunities for self-reflection, and discussion ideas for your team.
  • If you do decide to complete all modules, you will be provided with a certificate of completion.
Is there value in renewing our subscription each year?

Yes, there is value in renewing your subscription as the modules within Inspired are designed for you to revisit based on your current circumstances and needs. Remember, going through Inspired is about continuing to move the organization forward in its person-centred practice, and this takes time You can enroll new leaders into the program as they join the organization or move into senior leadership roles. 

Can the downloadable resources be customized to fit the needs of our organization?

Absolutely! Each module contains customizable resources that your organization can adjust to fit its specific needs. They can also be found in the Resource Section at the end of Inspired for easier access.  

Is Inspired different than Person-centred Essentials?
  • Yes, Inspired is designed to support leaders such as board directors, executive directors, and senior leaders in embedding person-centred practice in the overall direction and management of the organization. Person-centred Essentials is designed for staff who directly support people experiencing disability  
  • Inspired and Person-centred Essentials are designed to be complementary programs, supporting your organization to embed person-centred practice at all levels and areas.  

COMPASS funding is available to SARC Regular and Associate Members, as well as Affiliate Members with CLSD funding.


COMPASS funding will cover the registration fees for your organization to have a subscription to Inspired.

In order to receive this funding, organizations must:

  1. Register a subscription administrator at your organization for the course.
  2. Use your COMPASS code at check-out to access this training at no cost.
  3. Have all registered board directors complete the annual evaluation which will be emailed to them.
  4. Have the executive director complete the annual evaluation which will be emailed to them. 

As a requirement of CLSD COMPASS funding, SARC must report on training satisfaction rates. As a result, we ask that all learners complete individual program evaluations. The Inspired evaluation will be sent annually to all learners. Your feedback will also be used to ensure that SARC continues to provide the best training possible.