What is Venture?

Venture is a program for first-line supervisors who are new to their role, or for supervisors looking to build their skill set. 

  • Do you find yourself in a supervisory role for the first time? Do you want to build your supervisory skills and knowledge? Venture is designed to help Learners build the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need for a successful career as a supervisor in the nonprofit sector.

  • We all know how integral the supervisor’s role is within an organization. You are in a unique position, as you are a liaison between upper management and the employees, team, or division you supervise. While being a supervisor can be challenging at times, it can also be very rewarding as you play a role in helping the organization accomplish its mission, as well as those you supervise to achieve their career goals.

  • Build your supervisor skills and knowledge with the online training program, Venture. This program will help new supervisors build their toolbox of resources, build their confidence as a supervisor, and help them better understand their role as a supervisor at the organization.

Benefits of Venture:


  • Presents material in a practical and easy to navigate, online format.

  • Breaks down the supervisor role in a straight forward and interactive way so that busy supervisors can build their toolbox of resources.

  • Helps Learners understand how to effectively supervise other employees at the organization.

  • Provides valuable resource material which the Learner can reference throughout their career.

  • Builds on the supervisor’s skill path and opens doors for possible career advancement within the organization.

  • Encourages continuous learning and further career development.


  • A well-trained supervisor that can work with senior management to achieve the operational goals of the organization.

  • Provides a flexible timeline for completion, enabling supervisors to take Venture at any time, at any location.

  • May increase retention within your organization as supervisors who are given the tools and resources to succeed, tend to stay at an organization longer.

  • Encourages supervisors to build tools to effectively supervise other staff and contribute to the success of your organization.


This online training consists of six modules that focus on helping a new supervisor adjust to their role and build on their current skillset as they become a positive and effective leader at their organization.

  • Module 1: What is a Supervisor?
  • Module 2: Building Your Toolbox of Resources.
  • Module 3: Document, Document, Document.
  • Module 4: Finding Great Employees and Supporting Success.
  • Module 5: Managing People and Performance.
  • Module 6: Leadership.

Learners have 90 days to complete Venture.


  • SARC Members: $229
  • Other Organizations: $285 + GST

Learners have 90 days to complete Venture.

What People Are Saying About Venture

"I have learned so much, it showed me the things i was doing right and what i was doing wrong and i gave me the tools to help me correct it. i have been doing most of what was taught but this was the added information i needed to do my job that much better."

"I would recommend this course to others who are going to be, or are supervisors. There are a lot of useful tools and knowledge in this course and it gives you the resources to succeed."

"I really liked Venture. The Modules were easy to understand and the course gave me a lot of tools and knowledge which will help me in my future career."

"This program can help for new or first time leaders and should/could be a great starting point for anyone to look at. Lots of knowledge that even a long time leader could learn something new."

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  • "I have just finished the Venture-The Supervisor's Skill Path course. It was awesome, I've learned so much and I realized how to tweak what needs to be handled better. thank you."

    Venture Learner
  • "The [Venture] training exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend it."

    Venture Learner
  • "[Venture] can help for new or first time leaders and should/could be a great starting point for anyone to look at. Lots of knowledge that even a long time leader could learn something new."

    Venture Learner