Leap: Fostering an Effective Team


Teamwork leads to successful organizations. Individuals will discuss how to develop, motivate, and lead a productive team, as well as the importance of cultivating the organization’s culture.

Leap: Branding, Promotions, and Engagement


Your organization has a very important mission. In order to fulfill that mission, your organization requires a strong identity and meaningful connections with all of its stakeholders. In this session, you will learn about the importance of branding and promotions for nonprofits, including its effect on your organization’s reputation, community relations, and success in fulfilling […]

Leap: Financial Responsibilities


Strong financial management is crucial for every organization. Attain a solid understanding in a variety of areas related to management’s financial duties.

Leap: Governance


An executive director must have a strong understanding and good working relationship with the organization’s board of directors. Even if you’re not an executive director, this session provides important information that everyone can benefit from knowing.

Leap: Employee Accountability


How well an organization performs is a function of how well its employees perform. Learn more about employee accountability, and what is meant by performance management.

Leap: Recruitment and Retention


Attracting and retaining valuable employees can be challenging, but is achievable. This session discusses the employment process, the importance of orientation and onboarding, and provides practical tips on how to engage employees.

Leap: Employee and Labour Relations


Delve deep into the employment relationship, management’s rights and responsibilities, and the technical elements of the grievance and investigation processes. Applicable to both unionized and nonunionized organizations.

Leap: How Managers Communicate and Lead


Strong communication is the basis of any successful leader. Explore a variety of topics that further promote effective workplace communication and assess leadership skills, traits, and styles.

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