As your organization becomes established and works towards providing services, it is essential to gain the support of your community and local and provincial government. Developing strong relationships with key stakeholders will be necessary as you seek funding from different sources. In the Disability Service sector in Saskatchewan, most funding is provided through the Ministry of Social Services – Community Living Service Delivery (CLSD). 

As you actively build awareness about your organization in your community and with government, you should consider talking to:

  • Local businesses and service groups in your community.
  • Other organizations in the Disability Service sector.
  • People who will benefit from your services.
  • Your local and provincial government representatives, including your MLA.
  • CLSD representatives for your region.

Government Funding in Saskatchewan:

The Government of Saskatchewan uses a Negotiated Request For Proposals (NRFP) process to purchase goods and services from third parties; this is how organizations are selected to provide client services across Saskatchewan. It is recommended that you set up an account on the SaskTenders website and sign up for notifications. You will then receive relevant NRFP postings as soon as they are available.

In this area, you will find links to relevant directories and websites that will help you to connect with the Saskatchewan Government and help you prepare to submit an NRFP when an applicable request is posted.

Note: If you are seeking nonprofit funding outside of Saskatchewan, please refer to your provincial or territorial government for more information about the funding process in your area.