People experiencing disability may be vulnerable to abuse. As such, SARC Member Agencies and Direct Support Professionals must be dedicated to preventing, reporting, and investigating any allegations of abuse.

It is important to be knowledgeable about the Ministry of Social Services’ Participant Abuse Policy as well as how to support participants in protecting themselves and dealing with any abusive situations that have occurred.

This policy applies to all employees, Board Members, and volunteers of community based organizations that are funded by the Ministry of Social Services - Community Living Service Delivery and provide services to people experiencing disability.

The purpose of this policy to ensure that each organization has a policy statement of its own that outlines its commitment to provide an environment which is free from all abuse. This policy outlines how to define, prevent, report and review any allegations of abuse.

All organizations staff should be trained in and have a clear understanding of all policy guidelines and processes to follow. Be sure to review your organization’s Abuse Policy and clarify any questions you may have with your supervisor.