Welcome to the SARC Learning Central Board Resource Area

Being a Director on a nonprofit Board can be a challenging, but rewarding experience! This area has been created for you – the volunteer Board Director who is dedicated to successfully governing the organization. 

Whether you are a new or experienced Board Director, there’s something here for you. Do you have questions about what your responsibilities as a Director are, or how to recruit new Board Directors? Are you looking for information on how to help the organization reach its goals? Would you benefit from policy templates to enhance your policy manual? Within this area, you will find:

  • A variety of sample policies
  • Helpful links, templates, and resources
  • Human Resources information
  • Labour Relations information 
  • Board development opportunities

Be sure to check back, as this area continues to grow as we find and develop additional resources. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas for information/resources to add to this section of the website, please contact us.

Please Note: The included information is for reference only, and SARC and its Members, their employees, officers, and directors assume and accept no liability for any consequences arising from the use, non-use, accuracy, or legal compliance of any of the information, tools, or resources provided.

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Here you will find information regarding federal and provincial legislation that may affect your organization.

At each annual Fall Conference, valuable presentations, information, and resources are shared with conference attendees. Please find this year's resources, listed below.

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