Strategic Planning

What is Strategic Planning? 

The purpose of strategic planning is to develop a three to five year blueprint for the organization’s future. 

Strategic planning involves the Board and Executive Director working closely together to identify the desired goals and outcomes for the organization. The process allows everyone involved to provide guidance and input to the plan. Every organization will have different needs for a strategic plan, depending on the organization’s leadership, culture, and size.

The strategic planning process is a collaborative way of charting a course of action for the organization and should be considered a living, breathing process that is constantly referred to, updated, and reported on. The work does not end when the plan is put on paper.

Having a strategic plan in place is an important tool to have, as it helps lead to the long-term success and sustainability of the organization.

Benefits of Strategic Planning

  • Clarifies the organization’s top priorities
  • Gives the organization a clear sense of direction
  • Ensures that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals
  • Is a key communications tool for stakeholders
  • Is required, or at least preferred, by most funders


If you answered yes to this question, and you are interested in having someone guide your organization through this process, SARC is experienced in providing an in-house Strategic Planning service customized to the organization’s specific needs. 

Our Process

SARC’s Strategic Planning service involves three steps to ensure your organization has the tools necessary to carry on the process, even after the Facilitator has left.  

1. Pre-work:

In advance of the session, you will be asked to complete two documents that will identify factors currently affecting your organization and its specific needs.  This information will be used to shape the Strategic Planning Session. 


2. In-house session:

SARC’s Facilitator will come to your organization and guide individuals through an interactive one-day session that encourages dynamic discussion and results in the organization identifying its top priorities.

The session focuses on:

  • Confirming and/or clarifying the organization’s mission and vision
  • Considering all factors that may influence the organization’s direction and goals
  • Identifying key performance areas and developing action plans
  • Providing resources on implementing and updating the plan as well as how to write a formal Strategic Plan document

3. Post-session:

Following the session, the organization will be provided with a detailed Final Report summarizing the discussions and decisions made throughout the day and outlining the next steps for your organization as identified in session.  This information will provide the framework to further develop action plans and a formal Strategic Plan.

Continue to reference the variety of resources and templates provided during the session, as they will assist you in working towards fulfilling your organization’s mission.

Pricing for SARC’s customized Strategic Planning Session is as follows:

  • SARC Members – $1675 
  • Other organizations – $2095+GST

This includes all session materials and resources.

Does not include Facilitator travel, meals, and accommodations (if required) at SARC rates.


For more information on the Strategic Planning Session, please contact us.


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