Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Training

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

This program is intended for staff, supervisors, and others who support people experiencing disability 


Have you ever thought, “Why is this person doing that?” when someone you support is displaying challenging behaviour?  The answer to this question is usually, “Because they are trying to tell you something.”

Understanding that behaviour is communication is vital for anyone who supports people experiencing disability.  Once you understand that all behaviour communicates, you can then focus on the “why” factor and attempt to determine positive strategies for helping the person communicate their wants and needs.  

The online Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Training program meets a variety of learning styles, is narrated, and includes videos that allow the Learner to follow, analyze, and understand a person’s behaviour.

PBS was developed in consultation with Community Living Service Delivery (CLSD), Ministry of Social Services and is equivalent to CLSD’s Level II Training.

As a requirement of CLSD COMPASS funding, SARC must report on training satisfaction rates. As a result, we ask that all Learners complete individual program evaluations immediately upon finishing any training, as well as within 3-4 months of completion. Your feedback will also be used to ensure that SARC continues to provide the best training possible.


The training consists of four modules that focus on understanding behaviour, the function it serves for the person, and how to implement positive strategies to help the person communicate their wants and needs. Modules include:

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Positive Behaviour Support
  • Module 2 – Introduction to Comprehensive Behaviour Support Plans
  • Module 3 – Completing a Functional Analysis
  • Module 4 – Multi-Element Support Plan

Each module ends with a short quiz so that individual Learners can review learning principles before moving on to the next module. 

Learning Objectives

This program is designed to meet the needs of anyone who provides supports and services to people experiencing disability.

The Learner will increase their understanding in:

  • The influence and purpose of challenging behaviour
  • The principles and practices associated with comprehensive behaviour support and functional analysis
  • The process of functional analysis and its role in developing and completing a functional hypothesis
  • How to translate the information gathered through a functional analysis into positive programming for the person
  • SARC Members: $79.99 
  • Other organizations $99 plus GST ($103.95) 

If you are a COMPASS eligible organization, make sure to use your COMPASS promo/coupon code at checkout to access the training at no-cost!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What changes have been made to Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) training?

  • Individual Learners can take and complete PBS instead of the program being set up as ‘group learning’
  • The training is more interactive and includes updated videos
  • There are now four modules of content, along with additional resources
  • Learners will receive a ‘Certification of Completion’
  • PBS uses a different learning platform that ensures a more user friendly and interactive learning experience

2. How long does it take to complete PBS?

  • It will take approximately four hours for an individual Learner to complete the program.

3. What if we have Learners who have language barriers or learning difficulties?

  • The PBS content is presented in both text and audio formats, so Learners can choose to read the content, listen to it, or both!

4. Is the content only available online, or is there a printed version available?

  • The PBS content is only available online; however, you will be able to save or print a number of resources, including a Learner Handbook, to keep and reference throughout your career.

5. How many staff can be registered in PBS under COMPASS?

  • COMPASS eligible organizations are able to register unlimited employees each fiscal year.

If you have more questions, please contact sarclearningcentral@sarcan.sk.ca or visit sarclearningcentral.ca/compass.

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