Person-Centred Essentials

What is Person-Centred Essentials?

Person-centred Essentials is an interactive training profiling a variety of creative tools and techniques used in the Disability Service sector. It will provide Learners with practical skills to implement person-centred services for the people they support. Learners will improve their ability to deliver personalized support in their daily work through the discovery of what is important to a person, the way they communicate and make decisions, and how to best support them.

Upon completion of this training, Learners will have a stronger understanding of:

  • The principles of person-centred thinking.
  • The components of a person-centred culture.
  • Their role in supporting a person-centred culture.
  • What is meant by person-centred services.
  • The skills, tools, and techniques to implement person-centred services.

As a requirement of CLSD COMPASS funding, SARC must report on training satisfaction rates. As a result, we ask that all Learners complete individual program evaluations immediately upon finishing any training, as well as within 3-4 months of completion. Your feedback will also be used to ensure that SARC continues to provide the best training possible.


All sessions will run from 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

  • November 14, 2019 – Saskatoon
    • SARC Administrative Office – Training Centre, 111 Cardinal Crescent
  • November 26, 2019 – Swift Current
    • Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites, 1301 North Service Road East
  • January 15, 2020 – Regina
    • The Atlas (formerly the Travelodge), 4177 Albert Street South
  • January 29, 2020 – Prince Albert
    • Holiday Inn express Hotel & Suites, 3580 2nd Avenue West

For COMPASS Eligible Organizations:

Each COMPASS eligible organizations is able to send two staff to this training. If more space opens, organizations will be contacted and may be able to send additional staff.

Pricing for Person-Centred Essentials is as follows:

  • SARC Members - $198
  • Other Organizations - $219.00 + GST

SARC Regular and Associate Members, and Affiliate Members with CLSD funding: Please register for this program using the Register through COMPASS button. You must enter your promo/coupon code upon checkout.

For COMPASS Eligible Organizations:

Each COMPASS eligible organizations is able to send two staff to this training. If more space opens, organizations will be contacted and may be able to send additional staff.


Lori Macza

Lori has ten years of experience supporting people of all backgrounds and abilities to live their best lives. She has a diploma in Therapeutic Recreation, is a MAP and PATH Certified Facilitator, and trains a number of other programs. Lori loves to use her creative and artistic gifts to serve others, and is passionate about creating a culture that supports each person to reach their goals and be seen and valued for who they are. Her joy in life is to help people meet their goals and see them succeed. Lori loves speaking, storytelling, and inspiring others.



Lacey Arlt

Lacey lives in Hague, Saskatchewan with her mom and dad. She loves playing piano, writing stories, and babysitting her little nephew Russell (a spunky little toddler!). Lacey has attended the day program at Valley Action Abilities in Rosthern for seven years. Through programs at Valley Action, Lacey uses her gifts to give to the community at the Rosthern Food Bank. She prepares and serves food, helps to clean up, and organizes items to be distributed. She also volunteers at the Youth Farm Bible Camp where she helps with cleaning, preparing food, washing dishes, and office work. Her role in helping with TLR is being the volunteer person who learners use to practice the transfers, lifts and repositions with.  On her own time, Lacey also volunteers at the Rosthern Clothes Basket where she helps to organize donated items and keep the shop nice and clean. Lacey and a few individuals who receive support from other agencies, participated in a video produced by SARC to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Lacey was so proud to be a part of that experience. And of course, Lacey’s life-long passion has been dancing! She was part of a ladies’ dance troupe at University of Saskatchewan for women who experience disability. She retired in 2019 after 18 years.


  • Person-Centred Essentials - Regina

    Jan 15, 2020

    The Atlas - 4177 Albert Street South

  • Person-Centred Essentials - Prince Albert

    Jan 29, 2020

    Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites, 3580 2nd Avenue West

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