Food Handler Certification

Food Handler Certification 

This course is recommended for anyone who serves food to others, especially those who serve food to the public.

This course is approved under legislated food training requirements across Canada. All provinces have different regulations for food training requirements and you will receive province-specific content based on your location.

Please read the information on how to register under the 'registration' tab.



After finishing the online component of the Food Handler Certification course, you are required to take a supervised exam (included with the course). Each person who takes a food safety examination in Canada must provide photo ID for identification purposes, and be supervised during the exam by an online proctor.

In order to successfully take the supervised examination online you must be in a quiet room, and have a webcam and microphone. This is a government requirement if not taking the final exam in-person. 

If you do not successfully pass the final exam, there is a $20 re-test fee, not covered by COMPASS.

Certification is valid for 5 years.

As a requirement of CLSD COMPASS funding, SARC must report on training satisfaction rates. As a result, we ask that all Learners complete individual program evaluations immediately upon finishing any training, as well as within 3-4 months of completion. Your feedback will also be used to ensure that SARC continues to provide the best training possible.


SARC Regular and Associate Members, and Affiliate Members with CLSD funding: Please register for this program using the Register through COMPASS button. You must enter your promo/coupon code upon checkout.

SARC Members: $24.99

Other Organizations: $31.67 plus GST ($33.25)

We're happy to announce that registration limits have been lifted, and organizations that have gone over these limits will be reimbursed!

1.  Lifting of Registration Limits:

  • Registration limits (five registrations) for this course have been lifted!
  • Until the end of the fiscal year – March 31, 2020, and on a first come first served basis, COMPASS organizations can train as many employees in the Food Handler Certification course as required.
  • PLEASE NOTE: All learners must complete the training by March 31, 2020.

2. Reimbursing Organizations:

  • When this course was implemented in May 2019, the number of employees who could be registered at no charge under COMPASS was limited.
  • If your organization has gone over the registration limit of five in this fiscal year, and paid registration fees for additional employees to complete, your organization will be reimbursed.
  • Food Handler Certification refunds will automatically be processed within 10 business days.

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