Comprehensive Personal Planning & Support Policy Training Package

Comprehensive Personal Planning & Support Policy Training Package

The aim of this package is to give you an overview of the Comprehensive Personal Planning and Support Policy (CPP&SP) which came into effect in 2007.

This package will focus on teaching the philosophy of this Policy and help strengthen your skills and knowledge in order to provide the best possible support to individuals with disabilities. The work you do is important and requires the commitment of your time and energy as well as a positive attitude.

In Saskatchewan, Community Living Service Delivery's vision is that people with disabilities participate as full citizens in communities (2008). The main aim of CLSD is to make sure physical, emotional and social needs are met and that people with intellectual disabilities live and function as independently as possible within their own communities. In order to reach that goal, they work in partnership with provincially-based representatives and advocacy organizations.

The CPP&SP is a set of 15 policies which apply to all service providers funded by CLSD. That includes:

  • Approved Private Service Home Proprietors
  • Community Living Service Delivery, including Valley View Centre
  • Individual Service Providers
  • Community-Based Organizations

The CPP&SP was developed through a partnership of CLSD, SARC, Saskatchewan Association of Community Living (SACL) and Approved Private Service Homes. It came into effect on April 1, 2007 and is a part of all contracts for service. It recognizes the current best practices in supporting participants. Organizations and service providers should not need extra or new resources to successfully implement CPP&SP.

The goal of CPP&SP is to help participants reach the greatest level of independence they can achieve with whatever assistance they may need. It is a positive Policy and does not have any behaviour support approaches that have a harmful impact on participants, such as punishment.

The goal of the Policy is that you, as a service provider, will help participants:

  • Reach their greatest level of independence
  • Live lives that are meaningful to them
  • Meet their needs

The CPP&SP Training Package consists of a workbook and video. The training program can be facilitated to a group, or taken as a self-study. For more information, please view page iv for Facilitator's Instructions for Use.

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