Supported Employment Success

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Supported Employment Success (SES) is an online program for employment professionals to assist them to learn the skills necessary to support a job seeker to be successful in preparing for, obtaining, or maintaining employment.

This course also looks at strategies that employment professionals can use when supporting employers to hire people experiencing disability and further develop an inclusive workplace.

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Supported Employment Success

Work is an essential part of our lives – it is important to our health and well-being, contributes to our happiness and contentment, and provides us with purpose. We all value being able to earn a living through work we enjoy. However, when people experiencing disability decide they want to work, their road to employment can be difficult. This is because they may not have a lot of related experience to draw from to help them make informed decisions on what they want to do for a living, and where specifically they would like to work, and may need some support along the way.

This is where supported employment can be a great option. Supported employment is a flexible approach that helps people experiencing disability to find gainful employment in their community through the assistance of an employment professional who provides a variety of supports to both the job seeker and employer.

Supported Employment Success (SES) will examine the role of the employment professional and what is needed to assist a job seeker to be successful in preparing for, obtaining, or maintaining employment. SES will increase the employment professionals’ knowledge on their role and the many responsibilities that encompass this position.

Throughout this program a variety of templates and resources are provided.

Learners have 60 days to complete SES.

Modules Include:

Module 1 - Supported Employment Basics

This module will take a closer look at supported employment, what it is, where it came from, and the principles that guide it. This foundational information will help you understand your important role in supported employment.

Module 2 - Discovering the Job Seeker's Personal Genius

This module will focus on how you can discover the job seeker’s personal genius and support them to prepare for employment. This module will help you gain a stronger understanding on this person-centred way of learning and will help you get to know the job seeker’s values, interests, preferred work environment, and other things that are important to them. All of which is valuable information to have before the search for employment begins.

Module 3 - Job Coaching

This module focuses on what is involved with job coaching and the strategies, supports, and techniques that can be used to assist the supported employee to successfully perform and thrive in their job.

Module 4 - Marketing for Success

This module will focus working with employers to market, promote, and champion the value of supported employment. A successful employment match cannot be made unless you have a prepared employee and a willing employer.