Saskatchewan Polytechnic Bursary Program

This bursary program is for SARC Member employees interested in taking courses in the Disability Support Worker Certificate Program through Saskatchewan Polytechnic. 


Saskatchewan Polytechnic Bursary Program

This bursary program is intended for SARC Member employees interested in continuing their education and taking courses in the Disability Support Worker Certificate Program, to a maximum of two (2) bursaries per person, per fiscal year. 

SARC has bursaries available to cover tuition costs for individual courses in the Disability Support Worker Certificate Program through Saskatchewan Polytechnic.  This bursary covers tuition only. All other costs (such as books, print materials, and application fees) are the learner’s responsibility. 

Please note that if you are approved for a bursary, you are required to pay for the course upfront. Once registered in the course, send us proof of enrollment as well as a copy of the paid invoice to, and we will reimburse the SARC Member. 

SARC is only able to reimburse SARC Member organizations, not individual learners. Please discuss reimbursement with your organization. 

Did You Know?!

If you have already completed the Stride program (as a learner or trainer), you may already have 10 credit units towards the DSW Certificate Program!

Visit the Stride program page.

If you have any questions, please email us.

To apply for a Saskatchewan Polytechnic Bursary, you must be a Saskatchewan resident and employed by a SARC Member.  

Bursaries are available on a first come, first served basis, and only covers two (2) courses per year (for example, Interpersonal Communications) in the Disability Support Worker program. 

If your bursary application is approved, you will be emailed a bursary confirmation notice. Once you have been approved, you must: 

  1. Visit the Saskatchewan Polytechnic website to register online for the course.
  2. Register and pay for the course through the Saskatchewan Polytechnic online registration system.
  3. Submit proof of enrollment and a copy of the paid invoice by emailing us.
  4. SARC will reimburse the SARC Member for the cost of the course tuition.

To Apply

Please fill out the following information:

    SARC Member Information

    Application Information

    (One course per term, bursary does not cover the entire cost of the program):

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