Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Training

Have you ever thought, “Why is he/she doing that?” when someone you support is displaying challenging behaviour?

The truth is that the individual you support is trying to communicate something with you. Understanding that behaviour is communication is imperative for anyone that supports individuals with disabilities.  After you understand that, then you can focus on the “why” factor. Only when you start to address this question can you come up with positive solutions for people.  

The online Positive Behaviour Support Training Program is available 24/7 in a convenient online platform. The program aims to meet a variety of learning styles as it is narrated and includes videos that allow the user to follow an individual and understand the analysis of the behaviour.  

The training consists of three modules that focus on understanding behaviour and the function it serves for the individual.  The user will gain understanding in the following areas:

  • Functional analysis process
  • Antecedents, behaviour and consequences
  • Ecological analysis
  • Context of the behaviour
  • Functional hypothesis

Each module ends with a quiz so learning principles can be reviewed before moving on to the next module. 

Who can benefit from this training?

This training program is of benefit to any person or organization providing supports and services to an individual with a disability.

This online program can be used in two different ways:

  • Group Learning (within an organization, a Program Coordinator or other employee with training duties takes the training in advance and then facilitates the discussion for a group of employees)
  • Independent Learning   

This program was developed in consultation with the Ministry of Social Services, and it has been approved by the Ministry as equivalent to its CLSD Level II training!  So, you can now have your employees trained right at home on an as-needed basis!




The Positive Behaviour Support Training Program is available in the following license categories (based on size of employee base):

SARC Member Agency Pricing:

  • $80 small (under 10 employees) gives you one account
  • $150 medium (11-40 employees) gives you two accounts
  • $210 large (41-90 employees) gives you three accounts
  • $260 extra-large (91+ employees) gives you four accounts.
  • Additional licenses after 4 $50 each

Other Organization Pricing:

  • $100 plus tax (small)
  • $180 plus tax (medium)
  • $255 plus tax (large)
  • $320 plus tax (XL)
  • Additional licenses after 4 $50 plus tax each ($52.50)

Some things to note:

  • After you create an account, two auto-response emails from CBI will be sent to the email address you supplied.  The first email is standard from CBI (the web host).  The second email has the information relevent to the PBS program.
  • Keep your Login ID and Password in a safe place.
  • The link will only let you create between 1-4 accounts, based on your agency size category.  You can purchase additional accounts; please inquire here.
  • Accounts are functional for one year.  Prior to the one-year date, you will be prompted to renew your account.

Feedback is essential to the maintenance of our programs. All feedback is confidential.

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