• “Each module had refreshing information that is a good reminder, as well as new information that I learned. It was a good way to be reminded about all the little and big roles of a DSP and how important our job is. Our role is very impactful to people’s lives and we need to ensure we are doing the best we can. All roles of the job were covered in this training and I believe it will help me do a better job.”

    Stride Graduate
  • "This program [Med Assist] provides a lot of useful information."

    Med Assist Learner
  • “Having to complete the workbook and exercise book was awesome because I was able to express my thoughts and opinions, even if it was just to myself. I felt like it kept me engaged and made me think about myself and the situations I have been in. I will definitely be looking back on these resources if I ever need.” 

    Stride Graduate

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January 21, 2021

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