Med Assist

We are pleased to announce that, based on the feedback provided from past users; the Medication Assistance program (now called Med Assist) is available on a new platform!


What’s New?

  • Faster and smoother process from start (registration) to finish (printing Certificate of Completion)
  • New look and user-friendly format
  • Content refreshed to be more easily understood by employees who do not have medical training
  • Updated demonstration videos that feature clients and employees from a SARC Member Agency
  • New content, including more in-depth information on how to implement the 6 Rights of Medication Assistance at all stages, and anaphylaxis.

What is Med Assist?

Med Assist is an online program that can be accessed at any time and completed at each individual’s own pace.  Geared toward employees who don’t have medical training, this program consists of 7 modules that outline practical information on best practices in assisting clients with medication.

Program Features:

  • User-friendly program that takes approximately 3-4 hours to complete
  • Content presented through text, videos, and complete narration to appeal to a variety of learning styles
  • Module quizzes to reinforce learning
  • Final exam with minimum score requirement to ensure high standard of knowledge to safely assist clients with medication
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Supervisor’s Guide

Additional Information:

The seven modules discuss the following topics (for descriptions of each module, click on the ‘Module Descriptions’ tab):

  1. Roles and Responsibilities of Internal and External Resources
  2. Terms, Abbreviations, Labels, Medication Record Sheets and Repackaging Medications
  3. Safe Receiving, Storing, Labelling, Repackaging, Transporting and Disposing Medications
  4. The 6 Rights of Medication Assistance
  5. Preparing to Assist with Medication
  6. Documenting, Observing, and Medication Errors
  7. Assisting with Medications

The course content for Med Assist includes modules on:


1. Roles and Responsibilities of Internal and External Resources:

The first module describes the roles of internal and external resources. Information on external resources includes the roles of the physician, pharmacist, nurse practitioner and organization. Information on internal resources includes the role of the organization, yourself as an employee, and the client.  You will learn how all of the roles work together to support the client when it comes to medication assistance. 


2. Terms, Abbreviations, Labels, Medication Record Sheets and Repackaging Medications:

Gain an understanding of the reasons why people take medications, commonly used medication terminology and abbreviations, and medications that require special considerations and/or specialized procedures.  You will also learn how to read a medication label, know what type of information is on the label, and understand the different types of packaging methods for medications.


3. Safe Receiving, Storing, Labelling, Repackaging, Transporting and Disposing Medications:

This module describes how to receive medication safely and identifies the different methods of storing medications.  You will also learn how to repackage medication and understand the guidelines for transporting and disposing of medications. 


4. The 6 Rights of Medication Assistance:

This module identifies the 6 Rights of Medication Assistance which include, Right Client, Right Medication, Right Dose, Right Time, Right Route, and Right Documentation.


5. Preparing to Assist with Medication:

Learn and understand the steps to prepare for medication assistance and how to implement the 6 Rights discussed in Module 4.   Emphasis will be put on how to preserve a client’s rights, dignity, and respect when assisting with medications.


6. Documenting, Observing, and Medication Errors:

After completing this module, you will understand the role observation plays when assisting a client with medication. You will also be able to identify what to do in the case of a medication error, and be able to list what should be recorded on an Incident Report.


7. Assisting with Medications: 

The final module includes demonstration videos to further your understanding of the process for assisting with various forms of medications.

How to Register for Med Assist

Registering for the program is easy and can be done by each learner, or by a supervisor. To register for the program, click on the “Register” button on the top right hand side of this page.  A valid credit card is required to complete the registration.  Once registration is completed, the learner will gain automatic access to the program, and will have 30 days to complete the program, including the final exam.  Upon successful completion of Med Assist, Learners will be emailed the Certificate of Completion and can print it off or forward it to his/her supervisor to store in the employee’s personnel file.

Additional Administration information:

Supervisors can download the Supervisors Guide by visiting the Online Resource Area on SARC’s website at  You will be emailed a copy of the Supervisors Guide if you register employees for the program or you can also request a copy of the guide by emailing

The Supervisor’s Guide has been developed as a tool for supervisors to implement the on-site portion of Med Assist Training.  This guide includes details on administering the program, how to provide hands-on-training at your organization specific to each client, evaluation, and more.  This guide will assist an organization in developing and implementing a comprehensive medication assistance training program.   

This helpful guide also includes posters that can be printed and posted in the medication preparation area.



  • $79.99 for SARC Members
  • $99 plus GST for other organizations


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